Easy Manure Cleaner

The future of manure management

Introducing our powerful machine

Specifically designed for efficiently cleaning stables. Experience streamlined cleaning with effortless and quick removal of manure.

Forget about old way to clean stable

The “Easy Manure Cleaner” reduces the physical strain and increases safety for staff. It also reduces the risk of injury from manual labor.

Future of manure managment

The automated system can clean larger areas ina shorter amount of time, reducing the need for manual labor and freeing up staff to focuson other tasks.

Powerful 5kW motor

With a powerful 5kW motor and battery that allows for up to 2 hours of continuous operation, this machine is fully electric, quiet, and environmentally friendly.

Equipped with independent drive

 Heavy duty mover allows you to remotely move EMC inside the stable.


Reach anywhere with estimated 6m range

3,5 tons

Clean all stable on one load as it can fit up to 3,5 tons (6 m3)

2 h

Go anywhere with up to 2h of time on a single charge


Go everywhere, clean every corner

With a cleaning range of 6 meters and a load capacity of 3.5 tons, this machine makes removing manure a breeze, saving you both time and labor.

Interchangeable suction tips

Equipped with interchangeable suction tips, it’s ready to tackle any cleaning task in any conditions. 

Buffalo Tool
The largest suction nozzle that is perfect for picking up manure by placing it inside the stall and using a pitchfork to throw the waste inside. It provides quick and efficient stall cleaning.
Snake tool
Medium-sized suction nozzle that allows for cleaning like with a vacuum cleaner. It allows for the removal of even the smallest particles, and its contoured shape makes it easy to maneuver in hard-to-reach areas.
Elephant Tool
The smallest suction nozzle that is ideal for cleaning stalls filled with shavings. Suctioning from the top makes it easy to remove lighter waste, which significantly simplifies the cleaning process.

Full load capacity of 3.5 tons

Thanks to huge load capacity of 3.5 tons you can clean whole stable at once.

Perfection to its finest

Trailer height2325 mm
Width1960 mm
Length4750 mm
Net weight1300 kg
Capacity6,2 m3
Electric engineDC 5kW
Battery10,5 kWh

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Easy Manure Cleaner

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